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Val Sanagra, also known as Val Senagra, is a vast area rich in flora, fauna and ancient rural settlements included between the municipalities of Menaggio and Grandola ed Uniti.

It takes its name from the stream that flows through the valley and creates beautiful waterfalls often topped by fascinating Romanesque stone bridges.

❗ Val Sanagra is an ideal place to retreat on hot summer days, sheltered from the crowds that characterize Lake Como‘s most popular destinations in high season. In fact, in addition to offering trails suitable for most people, the valley is also home to a farmhouse where you can taste local products or stay overnight, and an eco-museum for a different kind of day out.

Learn all about Val Sanagra and follow my own steps with the GPS routes I recorded on the Komoot app (available for iOS and Android)!

Useful tips

🎒 Things to bring with you
  • Power bank
  • A cape or poncho to cover yourself in case of rain, a hat for the sun
  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Energy snacks such as dried fruit and nuts
  • Water (at least ½ liter)
  • Sunscreen
  • The Komoot app!
🚨 In case of emergency

Call 112 for any kind of emergency

Things to bring with you
  • Power bank
  • A cape or poncho to cover yourself in case of rain, a hat for the sun
  • Comfortable hiking shoes
  • Energy snacks such as dried fruit and nuts 
  • Water (at least ½ liter)
  • Sunscreen
  • The Komoot app!
In case of emergency

1. Val Sanagra | From Menaggio to La Vecchia Chioderia farmhouse

This very easy and mostly flat route starts from the highest part of Menaggio and reaches La Vecchia Chioderia, a farmhouse specializing in trout farming, a typical activity of the area.

✨ Highlights

1. Ponte Nogara, a beautiful Romanesque stone bridge over the Sanagra stream.

2. Fornace Galli, an old brick factory part of the ecomuseum of Val Sanagra (whose headquarters is about a 10-minute walk from the end of this route). The kiln is an example of industrial archaeology: inside is a firing kiln and the equipment needed to process clay using the motive power of water. The kiln was a notable center of production, so much so that many buildings in neighboring areas - and even further afield - exploited the bricks produced in Val Sanagra. The building can be visited from May to the end of September every second and last Sunday of the month (10 am-12:30 pm, 2-5:30 pm). For groups, possibility of visit by reservation.

📍 Facilities
Bars and restaurants

Agriturismo La Vecchia Chioderia, an old nail factory now converted to trout farming and agritourism. The restaurant offers many trout specialties (pasta with trout, smoked trout, pickled trout, etc.) and many rustic-style rooms where you can stay overnight.

🥾 Trail description

The trail begins near the Loveno cemetery in the upper part of Menaggio. From the center of Menaggio you can get there in two ways:

  • by bus C13 (which passes by the main road through Menaggio) from which you will have to get off at the stop "Loveno Superiore - Cappella del Sasso" (see directions); from here, with a walk of about 15-20 minutes you will reach the beginning of the trail passing through the charming hamlet of Loveno
  • with a walk of about 30 minutes on a steadily ascending paved road.

Start the trail in the locality of Piamuro and continue straight along the only available path. After 10-20 minutes of walking you will have the opportunity to take a small detour to the right to reach a nice viewpoint over Cardano, a hamlet of Grandola ed Uniti.

Back on the main path, a short climb begins until reaching the Cappella Artus, located right on the border between Grandola ed Uniti and Menaggio. At this point the road descends until it meets the Sanagra stream, overlooked by the splendid Ponte Nogara.

Stay on the main trail, leaving the bridge on the left, and follow the stream along the beautiful path through the trees. After a few minutes you will meet the Fornace Galli on the right (see Highlights) and finally find La Vecchia Chioderia farmhouse in front of you, where you can take a short break before resuming your walk.

2. Val Sanagra | From La Vecchia Chioderia farmhouse to Sass Corbée

This route, even wilder than the previous one, connects the farmhouse to Sass Corbée, a giant boulder that closes the narrow canyon carved by the stream.

✨ Highlights

Sass Corbée, a huge monolith that closes the narrow canyon carved by the stream. It is a place worth visiting and allows you to appreciate the magnificence of nature and the incessant flow of the stream.

📍 Facilities

It is a purely naturalistic area and therefore devoid of amenities.

🥾 Trail description

Return to the main trail, leaving the farmhouse on your left.

At this point, all you have to do is continue along the only main trail in the direction of Monti di Madri, passing from paved sections to others completely surrounded by nature with lovely spots along the stream where you can have a picnic.

After about 20 minutes you will arrive at Sass Corbée, where you can finish your route or continue exploring the less traveled areas of the area (for example, you could visit Barna, hamlet of Plesio, or Naggio, hamlet of Grandola ed Uniti).

Experiences & tours

Make your trip a unique experience!​

Val Senagra
Val Senagra:
the enchanted valley
Evening aperitif
in Menaggio
Dining and cooking demonstration experience at Varenna
Dining experience at a local’s home in Varenna
Cooking class in Bellagio
Cooking class experience
in Bellagio
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