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Argegno is a small and quaint village that overlooks Lake Como in the area of greatest depth (around -410 meters, -1,345 ft).

Located just 20 km (approx. 12.5 miles) from Como, Argegno is crossed by the Telo stream that divides the historic core of the town into two parts connected by an ancient stone bridge that is its distinguishing feature.

❗In Argegno there will be no shortage of opportunities to visit fascinating historic churches and places in nature with breathtaking views of Lake Como (if you visit Argegno, you should definitely take the cable car to Pigra!).

Moreover, its proximity to Como, Tremezzina and other famous resorts on Lake Como makes it one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world. With Lake Como in front and the Val d’Intelvi behind it, Argegno represents an important junction point between different areas of this territory.

Read this guide to discover the best things to do in Argegno!

Argegno, Italy, Lake Como
If you can, visit Argegno in the off-season!
Lake Como is a true corner of Italian paradise that attracts tourists from all over the world, especially during the high season (late May to late September). My advice is, if you can, to visit Lake Como during the low season (for example, in April or October) to have a more relaxing and authentic travel experience.
What are you looking for in Argegno?
Sights & things to do

A walk along the lake and over the ancient Roman bridge

Busto di Pietro Vassena
Bust of Pietro Vassena on the lakefront of Argegno

The center of Argegno is built around Piazza Roma, a small square that overlooks the town’s lakefront and is filled with typical restaurants and cafes/ice cream parlors.

Here, as well as in many of the town’s other trattorias, you can enjoy a wide variety of Italian dishes ranging from local lake fish (such as perch or misultin, for the more curious tastes) to traditional Italian pizza. 

End your meal with homemade gelato and a walk along the lake. Here, one of the first things you’ll see is the bust of Pietro Vassena, the engineer who in 1948 made a memorable dive in the waters of Argegno aboard the C3 submarine he designed. He managed to touch the bottom of the lake, thus setting a world depth record.

📷 The lakefront, which is accessible to all, is also home to the town’s beautiful harbor and local lido (Lido di Argegno) where it is possible to enter even just for an aperitif. It is the ideal place to take beautiful panoramic photos of the whole town.

The more historic core of Argegno, on the other hand, is less accessible due to the presence of stairs and steep climbs that wind through the colorful houses of the village.

However, anyone has the opportunity to skirt the banks of the Telo stream to get a magnificent view of the bridge of Roman origin above it.

Santissima Trinità & Sanctuary of Sant'Anna

Church of Santissima Trinità

The Church of Santissima Trinità, dating from 1632, overlooks the mouth of the Telo stream. Under the rose window, the facade features a beautiful mosaic depicting the four Evangelists, as well as Sant’Abbondio (the patron saint of Como), and Sant’Anna (patron saint of Argegno).

A sculpture of the Child Jesus from the 19th century is preserved in the church. On New Year’s Day, on the occasion of the “Living Nativity” (an unmissable event that has been repeated for four centuries), the statue is carried in procession through the alleys of Argegno in a celebration that involves the entire village and neighboring hamlets.

Sanctuary of Sant’Anna

The shrine of Sant’Anna stands a few kilometers from Argegno, near the road leading to the village of Schignano. The church preserves decorations and frescoes dating from the 17th century that constitute splendid works of art. The shrine can be reached from Argegno via a path that partly crosses the Telo valley.

Enjoy one of the best views of Lake Como

You may wonder where to find the best places near Argegno to enjoy breathtaking views.

Well, one of the coolest things to do is ride the Argegno-Pigra cable car, which connects the two towns and takes you from 200 to 850 meters (655 – 2790 ft) above sea level in just 5 minutes. The frequency of rides is usually every 30 minutes (higher in peak season) and the round-trip fare is €4.70.

📷 The cable car offers extraordinary views of Lake Como and the Pre-Alps. Bars and restaurants with lake views can be found near Pigra station.

Note: The cable car will be closed for barrier removal until spring 2024 (date to be defined). A substitute Sunday connection service is planned, departing from the Argegno pier square, stopping at San Fedele and arriving at the Pigra terminus.

Hikers and trekkers, starting from the center of Pigra, can take a walk of less than 1.30h to reach the Rifugio di Colonno and enjoy some local specialties (bring cash with you because, as this is a place surrounded by nature, credit card payment does not always work).

Another faster route is to the Belvedere di Pigra, a beautiful viewpoint over Lake Como and much of the Valle d’Intelvi suitable even for those who are not particularly well trained.

Start planning your holidays!

A few tips for your stay in Argegno

Place for nature walks and skiing

View of Lake Lugano from Mount Sighignola
View of Lake Lugano from Mount Sighignola

One of the most beautiful and industrious valleys in the province of Como is the Val d’Intelvi, which connects the basin of Lake Como with Lake Lugano.

This valley is home to many nature trails, ideal for regenerating and cooling off during hot summer days. Visit the official tourist website of the Val d’Intelvi to find out all the information about walkable trails (some of which connect the valley to the village of Pigra).

If you have a car and want to enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Lugano, head to Balcone d’Italia, a vantage point located on Mount Sighignola that can be reached in only 36 minutes.

The Mount Sighignola area is also home to a ski resort and ski school, an ideal destination for your winter vacation on Lake Como.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

Private boat tours

If you are looking for private boat tours from Argegno, here are some options that may be right for you!

Venetian Limousine
2 hour boat tour with
Venetian Limousine
2 hour boat tour with
Venetian Limousine
4 hour boat tour with stop
at a location of your choice
Tailored boat tour with Venetian Limousine
Tailored boat tour
with Venetian Limousine

Public boat tours

❗Looking for information about public boat service? Read my guide to boats and ferries on Lake Como!

Argegno’s pier is located in Piazza Testi, a few steps away from the central Piazza Roma. Public boat service is perfect if you are on a day trip and want to reach Argegno from Como, Varenna or other towns of the lake.

Beaches in Argegno

If you are in Argegno and want to relax on a beach, you can choose Lido di Argegno beach, which is equipped with bar, sun beds and umbrellas. It can be accessed even just for a coffee or an aperitif.

Discover the best beaches in Lake Como!

Experiences & tours

Make your trip a unique experience!​

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