The Lake Chemung Riparian Association

The Lake Chemung Riparian Association

PO Box 195 Howell, MI 48844-0195

WELCOME To the Home Page for the Lake Chemung Riparian Association

Lake Chemung is located in Genoa Township in Livingston County Michigan The Lake Chemung Riparian Association (LCRA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mutual benefit of those who own property or have deeded privileges to Lake Chemung. The organization was formed to assist with:

  • Lake pollution control through water testing, aquatic weed control, and influence of local road drainage.
  • Observation, reporting, and lake-user education concerning harmful water use activities.
  • To work with Township and County governments so that lake and building restrictions are maintained and upgraded, where possible, to protect and preserve the quality of the lake, and to take actions as may be deemed necessary by majority vote of the membership, to achieve the above objectives.

All Lake Chemung residents are encouraged to join and participate in the Association. Your help is needed to maintain the future well-being of the lake. In addition, it is a great way to get to know your neighbors! Sunrise Park is an incorporated community on Lake Chemung located off Grand River Avenue on the northwest side of the lake.  Sunrise Park has a representative that sits on the Lake Chemung Riparian Association Board.

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As part of the Lake Chemung Riparian Association Special Assessment, $7,455.00 per year are paid to the Association to conduct Lake Management Activities.  If interested as to how the Association used these funds in 2017, view the treasurer’s report .


Lake Chemung Residents with questions about the weeds on their lakefront and options for treatment, should contact the LCRA President (Ryan Hoffecker) or they can call Lake Chemung’s lake manager (Pam Tyning: 616-447-3377 or Rick Buteyn: 616-447-3351).

Information regarding aquatic plant control activities on Lake Chemung
Lake Water Quality – Are We Winning the War?  Written by Tony Groves and Pam Tyning, ProgressiveAE (Article published in Summer 2015 Michigan Riparian Magazine)
On August 15, 2015, ProgressiveAE sampled the water in Lake Chemung at 10 foot depths to the bottom of the lake and had the samples analyzed for total phosphorus.  The purpose of the sampling was to determine if phosphorus is being released from the lake’s bottom sediments during the late summer.  ProgressiveAE compiled a report of their findings (ProgessiveAE Report – August 15, 2015 Phosphorus Sampling)
In February 2015, the LCRA’s lake manager (Pam Tyning from ProgressiveAE) evaluated the water quality data that LCRA volunteers have collected since the 1970s.  Lake Chemung Water Quality Summary
Dues:  All properties in the SAD now pay their $15.00 LCRA dues as part of their annual tax assessment.  As such, LCRA members no longer need to mail in their dues to the Association.  All of the money that the LCRA collects as part of this new structure will be dedicated to the water quality and lake management activities conducted by the Association.
Livingston County Sheriff’s Department:  Boating Safety Information
Online Boater Safety Classes – Two online classes, with exams, for Michigan Boater Safety: Boat-Ed (the Michigan Course – Boater Education) and Boater-Exam (Educating Boaters online – Michigan Course and Exam).
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