Water Quality

EPA National Survey of Lakes…Lake Chemung was studied as part of this survey.

The U.S. EPA is doing a survey and preparing a report that assesses the condition of the Nation’s lakes, ponds, and reservoirs to determine their quality for various uses.  Lake Chemung is being studied as part of the survey.  Lake water samples to be assessed  were collected by EPA’s contractor in mid-September 2007.  The final report discussing the results from the survey is due to be published in 2009.


Lake Chemung to be Part of the National U.S. EPA Study on Lakes in the U.S.


Survey of the Nation’s Lakes Fact Sheet


For more information on the study, visit: http://www.epa.gov/owow/lakes/lakessurvey/ or email the U.S. EPA at lakessurvey@epa.gov

bullet Summary Report – Released February 2009

1972 EPA National Eutrophication Survey…Lake Chemung was studied as part of this survey.
1972 ReportThe  U.S. EPA survey was designed to develop information on nutrient sources, concentrations, and impact on selected freshwater lakes as a basis for formulating comprehensive and coordinated national, regional, and state management practices relating to point-source discharge reduction and non-point source pollution abatement in lake watersheds.
Simple Things Lake Chemung Property Owners Can Do to Protect the Quality of the Lake
 Tips for Lake Chemung Property Owners
Volunteer Monitoring on Lake Chemung Cooperative Lakes Monitoring Program (CLMP) …The CLMP is a program whereby volunteers collect data for indicator parameters from lakes to evaluate water quality conditions over time.  The Lake Chemung Riparian Association has been participating in the CLMP for the past several years.  As part of this program, riparian volunteers have collected data on water transparency (secchi disk), phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, and dissolved oxygen.Michigan Lake and Stream Associations Since 1992, the  MLSA has administered the CLMP jointly with the MDEQ under a Memorandum of Understanding.  The MLSA continues to administer the program under the Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps). 

CLMP Data 

Lake Chemung Water Quality Trends (2013)

Lake Chemung Water Quality Trends (2014)

Water Quality Information

Lake Chemung CLMP Data Evaluation (February 2015) – Written by Pam Tyning (ProgressiveAE)

2014 Lake Report – Lake Chemung 2014 CLMP Data Report

2015 Lake Report – Lake Chemung 2015 CLMP Data Report

2016 Lake Report – Lake Chemung 2016 CLMP Data Report

2017 Lake Report – Lake Chemung 2017 CLMP Data Report

2018 Lake Report – Lake Chemung 2018 CLMP Data Report

Lake Chemung Storm Drain and Tributary Study – May 2005

The Lake Chemung Riparian Association contracted with their Lake Manager (ProgressiveAE) to perform a study of the storm drains emptying into the lake to determine if any of the drains were adversely impacting the water quality in the lake.