LCRA Meetings

January 25,2023

January 25, 2023Meeting called at 7:06, In attendance:  Ty, Megan, Sharon, Marie, John, Phil {on phone},Theresa
Presidents report:  February 6,2023 @ Geno Township for SAD 6:30pm     Made a motion to hire PLM land Management to be Lake Manager.  motion seconded, vote      passed.  
Vice Presidents report:  Need fee for Articles of Incorporation, will submit.       Megan to send By-Laws to emailsfor board to review, bring questions and suggestions to future     meetings.  Estimate for Liability Insurance, will have a quote next meeting.  
Treasury report:  Checking account Stable, Township account stable.   received bill for domain, will     have to investigate.  
Secretary report:  none to report.  decided that Secretary will copy any forms needed for      meetings  
SAD:  Letter for approval for Genoa township meeting, February 6, 2023 @ 6:30pm
By-Laws:  see vice presidents report.
Next meeting:  February 22, 2023,  7:00pm, at Ty’s
Meeting called @ 8:28pm

December meeting canceled.

November 30, 2022

Meeting started at 7:00pm. Attending,  Ty, Megan,Sharon, Theresa, Phil, and David

Minutes from Oct 2022 approved
Presentation from Steve with PLM Lake and Land Management.  The presentation was about how to manage lake weeds and getting our lake to a natural balance.
President’s  report:  motion to move December meeting to the 21.  Motion carried.
Reported that Township required 2-3 bids for lake management due to expired SAD.
Vice President’s report:  Discussion for letters of incorporation.  Motion made to reincorporate LCRA.  Megan to pursue.
Treasurer’s report:  Account stable.  Township answered question on what they would pay for.  We are all now on same page with the township, and will use checkbook for any bills that is not directly responsible for lake management.
Secretary report:  Email changed to lakechemung195 @  Some discussion about changing email for individuals, no decision reached.  Keys to post office box changed.
Committee reports:
                                1. SAD. Treasurer to crunch numbers for next meeting
                                2.  Motion made for everyone to read all sets of by laws and
                                     make notes for Dec meeting.  Motion carried
Minutes from September 2022 approved
New business:  Phil to check for web builder


Board Meeting – October 26,2022

Meeting Started at 7:07,  in attendance :  Ty, Megan, Sharon,Phillip, John, Marie,Theresa.
Not in attendance:  Dave and Tom.
Presidents Report:  Lake Manager will be attending at 7:30,  Progressive A/E, our lake management company, sent a packet of information that ended in 2016, and will bring current info.
The check book was successfully changed to have the treasurer and presidents name on account.
Vice  Presidents Report:  Incorporation discussion will be ongoing.  Reminder to pull docks and poles out for winter.
Treasurer Report:  Check book successfully changed over, the township gave suggestions to Sharon on how the SAD could be done.  report tabled for Lake management presentation.
Secretary Report:  No Report
Lake Manager:  Rick from Progressive A/E
A presentation was given including what a Lake manager does and is responsible for including determining what and how much Chemicals are used and when.  Also the harvesting is under lake management supervision.  Rick brought a proposed 2023 agenda. and a regular 5 year program to go with the 2024-2028 SAD.
Next meeting is November 30, at 7:00 @ LCORI
Meeting called @ 9:12pm


Board Meeting – September 27,2022

Welcome:  Meeting Started at 7:08pm, attending, Ty Cole, Megan Sredzinski, Sharon Miotke,Theresa Smith, Phil Casteleyn, David Ketelarr, John Gomez,
Not in attendance:  Marie Lloyd, Tom Thirzel
!.  Open trustee seat:  Motion made and seconded to leave seat open until next election.  Discussion ensued , Vote taken and seat to be left open.
2.  SAD: Motion made and seconded to form a committee for SAD.  Vote taken, committee formed.
Megan Sredzinski, Phil Casteleyn, Dave Ketelarr, Sharon Miotke, and Ty Cole make up the committee
3.  By-Laws:  Notion was made and seconded to form a committee to review and update current by-laws.  Vote taken and committee formed.  Ty Cole, Megan Sredzinski, Theresa Smith, John Gomez make up the committee.
4.  Wake Boats:  discussion of safety of shore line, and fellow boaters regarding wake boats, plan to post info at public launch and on social media to keep people informed.
5.  Bass Fishing tournaments:  discussion about safety and when events happen.  Plan to post info for safety and timing of events if possible on social media.
6.  For By-laws, Motion made and seconded for there to be a two tiers of Riparian members, voting rights for Riparians only.  Voted and a two tier system is accepted.  By-laws to be approved by General Meeting  vote in Spring.  Megan to do AOI research.
     New Business
1.  Checkbook tabled until Sharon Gets answers from Genoa Township
2.  Web Page design:  looking for LCRA members willing to volunteer for web upkeep.
3.  LCRA will have facebook page for SAD
Scheduled board meetings:  last Wednesday of month,  Next meeting is Oct. 26,2022 @ 7:00pm
Meeting closed at 9:14pm