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Lake Como is not only a beloved destination for its breathtaking landscapes and beautiful historic villas, where you can get lost walking in the botanical gardens that surround them. In fact, there is also a large amount of water sports that you can enjoy on Lake Como, and one of the most popular among locals is definitely fishing.

If you’re strolling along the lakefront of many Lake Como’s towns on a beautiful sunny day, it won’t be hard to run into some fisherman hoping to hook a few fish while chatting pleasantly with their fishing buddy. Fishing, in fact, is the water sport for those who love to relax, and what better place to do it than Lake Como, where every view gives an emotion?

Some rules for fishing on Lake Como

Lake Como fishing

Before you whip out your fishing rod, you’d better know the rules that govern fishing on Lake Como.

First of all: unless you choose to fish in reservoirs, you’ll need a fishing license. Depending on where you want to fish and where you live, there are different procedures and permits. So, if you are planning to visit Lake Como and you are interested in fishing, I strongly suggest you to check the fishing regulations carefully to avoid penalties that could spoil the mood of your vacation!

Another thing to consider is the presence of species that you are not allowed to fish for. The species protected by the absolute prohibition of fishing are all sturgeon species, common loach, masked loach, European bullhead and lamprey. Be very careful when pulling the line out of the water!

There is also a maximum amount of fish you can catch each day. This clearly does not apply to any alien species that can, instead, be fished without any catch limit. However, if you visit the site I have previously linked you will have the opportunity to know all these rules and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

Species of Lake Como’s fishes

Lake Como fish
A pike fish

Lake Como is one of Europe’s deepest lakes, reaching a depth of almost 410 meters at its deepest point.

It’s also recognized for its lengthy history of fishing. If you know how to fish in the lake, you may have a lot of fun here, from professional fishing to sport fishing.

The towns of Como, Lecco, Colico, Tremezzo, Lenno, Laglio, and Bellagio all have excellent lakeside fishing opportunities.

You can find a number of well-known fish species, including:

  • perch
  • zander
  • pike
  • whitefish
  • chub
  • carp
  • grayling, and many more.

Tips for fishing on Lake Como

Where to fish in Lake Como
The fisherman's map

Okay, now you know all about the regulations and the most popular Lake Como’s fish species: you’re ready to go for your day of fishing! But where to go? I’ll help you out: check out the fisherman’s map, which points out the territories where you can cast your bait.

As you can see, all the shores of Lake Como allow you to fish, so, unless it is explicitly marked directly on the shore, you can choose any point of the lake to start your fishing trip. Notice that there are many waterfronts walkways around the lake, some of which allow fishing and others which do not, so lookout for signs that state no fishing during tourist season.

Where possible, you can also rent a boat to make your experience even more unique. One good piece of advice is to try switching from a traditional fishing boat to a kayak, if you want to learn how to fish from a kayak without spending a fortune.

When fishing for northern pike in the lake, try to use a weedless spoon around vegetation. These spoons are often regarded as the greatest lures for lake fishing since they can be used in and around weeds and foliage without becoming snagged. Keep an eye out for logs or rock piles if there is little to no vegetation. When fishing around structures with rough surfaces, just choose a thicker leader material that can withstand abrasions.

Finally, one last tip: fish early in the morning or in the evening, precisely when the mild south breeze picks up, to help cover your fly line from the cunning chub.

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      Hey nice post…
      I just moved to como and I live near Borgo Vico area.
      How do you get the fishing license and where can you fish without it ?
      I wanna try my hand at it just for catch-and-release purposes.

      1. Alessandro – Lake Como Travel

        Hi Umar, please contact APS Como (Sports and Diving Association in Como). I am sure they will give you all the information you need!

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    Hi, I’m planning a trip to Lake Como, Italy in September 2023. I would like a guided marble trout fishing trip while I’m there. I can’t seem to find anything online. Can someone please help me find a guide. The one I did find has a bad email address. Does anyone know how to contact them?

    1. Alessandro – Lake Como Travel

      Hello Eric, you can try to contact APS Como (Sports and Diving Association in Como).

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