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Clear sky, calm waters, and maybe… a nice breeze: Lake Como water sports are not only fun, but also give you the chance to keep fit! Water skiing, kite surfing and rowing are very healthy sports, suitable for all ages.

So why don’t you try your hand at something new in the beautiful setting of Lake Como? Read this guide and discover the wide variety of sports that await you there!

Rowing in Lake Como

Rowing in Lake Como

Amongst Lake Como water sports, rowing is certainly the most traditional one. In fact, since the beginning of the 19th century, the lake’s shores have been filled with rowing clubs and societies, which, over time, have become increasingly important and have gained prestige at the national and international level. 

Rowing is one of the most popular water sports on Lake Como, so much so that many local champions contributed to the prestige of the Como area.

Where – To learn rowing properly, one of the major facilities is Canottieri Lario, in Como, which organizes courses for beginners and athletic competitions.

Info: +39 031 574720 or

The youth hostel in Menaggio provides both courses which are open to everyone, and also a canoe rental service.

Info: +39 0344 32356 or


Canyoning Lake Como
Canyoning on Lake Como (picture:

The impressive Lake Como landscape, where mountains surround the clear water like a crown, allows you to practice another water sport whose popularity is growing year after year: canyoning!

This sport combines the passion for adventure and the mountains: with the help of experienced guides, you can get carried away by the current of streams flowing among the rocky walls.

Where – You should only practice canyoning with the help of experienced mountain guides. This is who you can contact:

Water skiing and wakeboarding

Amongst the many Lake Como water sports, one of the most spectacular is definitely water skiing, that you can practice throughout the summer months or even in winter, with proper precautions. 

Born in the late 20s, this sport combines surfing and skiing, so that you can experience the thrill of skiing on the lake while being towed by a speed boat. In order to spend a very special day, however, attention should be paid to climatic conditions. 

A windy day, for example, will make it difficult to practice water skiing or wakeboarding, because the water of the lake will undulate, resulting in the annoying “bumps” that will ruin your adventure.

Where – Wanna go waterskiing or wakeboarding? Get in touch with Wakeboard Lake Como, in Blevio: that’s the place you’re looking for!

Info: +39 338 757 8550 or

Another important reference for enthusiasts of this sport is Club Morgan, in Lezzeno, which offers courses, rental and other amenities that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Info: +39 031 914541 or

Sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing

Sailing Lake Como
Sailing on Lake Como (

On Lake Como, water sports and outdoor activities will give you the chance to live a fun and carefree holiday. At the top of Lake Como, where the wind always blows, sailing, windsurfing and kitesurfing are quite popular.

The whole area is indeed full of sailing schools and clubs, which offer lessons and organize international competitions. Kitesurfing is a recent sport, and is conceived as an even more adventurous variant of traditional surfing.

Where – Are you an adventure lover? Jordan’ Surf, in Colico, provides lessons of kite surfing, windsurfing and much more, and gives you the possibility of renting the equipment.

Info: +39 338 671 9250 or

For sailing enthusiasts, however, Marvelia Skiffsailing, in Dongo, is the place to go. The club also organizes courses for children.

Info: +39 039 2328833 or


Lake Como diving

Another popular water sport on Lake Como is diving: with the right equipment, even beginners can try their hand at exploring the fascinating depths of the lake. 

On the eastern shore of Lake Como, in particular, where the slope is sweeter, it is easy to find groups of divers – expert and beginners – into the water. Thanks to the materials used to manufacture the suits, diving can be practiced both in summer and in winter.

Where – You can find the right equipment and experienced divers at Centro Sub Nettuno, in Como. Courses are suitable for all requirements.

Info: +39 337 391 319 or

Again in the city of Como, a reference point for all the divers is Como Sub: friendly environment and excellent services will make your experience even more enjoyable.

Info: +39 377 299 6515 or


Fishing on Lake Como

Fishing is undoubtedly another water sport on Lake Como that is worth mentioning: a relaxing pastime that allows you to stay in contact with nature, and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the lake.

Fishing is also the ideal sport for those who do not feel particularly athletic and prefer the tranquility of an afternoon by the lake.

The ideal places to fish? Discover the fisherman’s map!

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